Chemical formula of glycolysis

Glucose+2ATP>2 pyruvate+2 net ATP+2NADH

total energy of the particles in a material

internal energy

where do you think polysaccarides are concentrated?

they are present in large amounts in connective tissue

What does the national income measure

the market value or cost of the resources used in the production of the national output

How does the parathyroid hormone increase calcium ions in the blood?

PTH stimulates the osteoclasts to break down the calcium containing bone matrix to release free calcium ions into the bloodstream

function of dendrites

they receive nerve impulses and carry the impulses towards the cell body

The resistance of a wire is proportional to its ______

length. the longer the wire the higher the resistance

You are making a wave with a slinky. Will changing the amplitude of your waves change the velocity of the waves?

No, only changing the medium changes the velocity.

what are dominant alleles?

dominant alleles are "stronger" than recessive alleles and are represented by a capital letter

Southern forces under what general opened fire on Fort Sumter?

General Beauregard

_____ is the stalk that supports the anther


Which of the following is the magnitude of the focal length of a spherically curved convex mirror in air, where R stands for the radius of curvature:
R divided by 1.22
R divided by 2
R divided by 1.5
R times 4


what happens to the internal energy of an ideal gas when it is heated from 0 to 4 degrees C?

it increases

What were the Northern advantages in the Civil War?

Stronger industry, larger population, many more factories, much more iron and coal, more railroads, and they produced most of the nation's food

wavelength is a measure of?


radium burns with a _______ flame


In 1957 the USSR launched a satellite called _____

sputnik Russian for "traveler". Sputnik was the first man made object to be placed on the Earth's Orbit

Characteristics of a sound wave

Mechanical and longitudinal

What would happen if the capsular hydrostatic pressure were increased above normal?

Net filtration would decrease.

What is the equation used to calculate concentration?

Number of moles/volume in litres